Private Cloud – IaaS

Joworld deploys expert integrated systems and server technology infrastructure. Physically and virtually, Joworld can help you specify/validate, configure, integrate, test and deploy server solutions to help your organization manage your compute demand for both current and future workloads.

We’ve deployed rack and blade server solutions in the most demanding, mission critical environments – from enterprise data centers for top financial institutions to in network deployments for top telco carriers.

Information is becoming more valuable, the ability to analyze it is a huge competitive advantage. The amount of data that most organizations deal with on a daily basis has exploded.

At the same time, Big Data projects can quickly double or triple this amount of information. And information is becoming more valuable, with the ability to analyze it counting as a competitive advantage.

To stay ahead, organizations need faster access to more data, and the ability to manage it wisely and effectively.

Joworld is committed to provide the state of art secure and reliable data storage solution for all verticals of industry

Ideal For

  • Financial services sector
  • Clients who need server flexibility
  • Fixed IT costs base on server utilization
  • Security conscious businesses

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