Cloud Migration

Joworld understands what it takes to migrate legacy systems to cloud solutions. With a clear vision of the digital world, we combine our experience and expertise to drive innovation and transform complex environments into high-performance engines. Joworld can help build products that bring cloud-based innovations, high performance, elasticity, and delivered via web & mobile channels using Google, Azure or AWS technologies.


  • Intellectual property for cloud services
  • Managed services
  • Develops acceleration
  • Cloud diagnostics and business case

Benefits of Cloud Migration

  • Access to digital transformation technologies that help to increase revenues and improve customer experience.
  • Great scalability to increase or decrease resources in line with business needs.
  • Reduce operational costs while improving IT processes.

  • Resilient processes for enhanced efficiency and easy maintenance.
  • Collaboration and communication tools, software, apps and access to documents and databases from anywhere, making it easier for employees to work and collaborate remotely.

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